Treasure Hunt

You ever got caught in a nostalgic fashion moment before? No? Allow me to explain what that feels like. Many years ago, some magnificent item caught your eye. Maybe it was a pair of shoes, a blazer, or one of a kind dress. Maybe it was a bag that at the time, you were on the fence about purchasing. Now here we are today, and that great piece of fashion just slipped  back into your mind. Don't you dare dismiss that memory because this is where we come on the scene to win for YOU. Treasure Hunt is a service meant to assist you with ending your search for that hard to forget item that you want in your possession. This is for the ladies and gentlemen, the young and mature. Compass Vintage is absolutely for making sure that we cover your vintage fashion needs. We are here to meet your style desires of excellence and serving your very best! For inquiries, please submit an email of interest to: